Linux Antivirus and Firewall Recommendations

Hello everyone. Lately I have gotten a laptop with fedora 36 workstation on it and I need a capable antivirus and firewall. My searches online have not found anything good. Does anyone have some recommendations? Thank you

PS I know that most linux users do not need an antivirus. But in this case it is waranted and needed.


Fedora already includes a capable firewall called “iptables”, and it can be controlled using software called “firewalld” which is also installed by default, though it’s typically left wide open until you change something.

I’ve been on the Debian/Ubuntu path lately, so I’m not current on Fedora/RH things, but this looks like a pretty good overview:

ClamAV seems to be a widely-used *nix antivirus, and it is free. When I have experimented with it, it seemed somewhat resource-intensive (I was running it on a VPS, so CPU/RAM were limited) but it seems like a good start, especially if you’ve got reasonable computing resources.

Thank you very much!

I like Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) a lot. Syntax for rules is very easy to learn and implement. Use any firewall (either firewalld or ufw) in conjuction with iptables as @tummybadger suggested and you’re set. Another program you might wanna look into is Lynis, which audits your system for rootkits and security vulns. It doesn’t harden it, though I prefer the fun of doing that myself. If Lynis is too heavy or clunky, you can look into chkrootkit, which is a simpler rootkit checker. Lemme know how it goes and if you find any interesting infected files.


AV: ClamAv should do the trick.
Firewall : try GitHub - safing/portmaster: 🏔 Love Freedom - ❌ Block Mass Surveillance


Portmaster looks great. Wish it was in the AUR though

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Like @Kedislav mentioned, I cannot recommend UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) enough. While it’s important to learn iptables at some point. ufw is far simpler, very beginner friendly, and gets the job done. IIRC, it’s a wrapper for iptables.


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