Linux for PenTest

Hello guys,

Couple days ago I bought raspberry pi 3 B+ model. After reading some articles about penetration testing decides to install Kali Linux distribution. Just curious if I choose a good distribution of Linux . Having some issues with it. After finished of installation of Linux I did
Apt-get update // everything was fine
Apt-get upgrade // black screen and I can’t get into Linux any more… just black screen with nothing just a logo on top right corner.
Can you help guys please ? By the way before upgrading OS I tried to run some Apps everything was so slow even Mozilla which was already pre-installed there didn’t work . Only two things was working wireshark and terminal. Linux was downloaded from offensive security page .

It sounds like the raspberry pi you are running it on is not able to cope with the graphics server starting? Try investigating boot flags to pass to the kernel via grub (a.k.a chest codes) to improve hardware detection and module loading additionally, look into loading a much lighter interface than Gnome

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