Looking for maintainer: Legobot


I’m the founder and maintainer of Legobot, a multi-protocol chatbot framework written in Python 3.

I’m looking for Python devs interested in helping me maintain and develop this project as we start to roll out more and more features for the platform. I have a long, long list of things that need to be done but not much in the way of contribution.

There isn’t much in it for you except fame, glory, and a bump in your contribution count on GitHub, but I would seriously appreciate your help.

Areas I need help:

  • New backends
  • Adding ACLs and admins
  • Improving the message bus
  • Writing and publishing plugins (that’s pretty easy, actually)
  • Improving and extending the Message object structure and metadata

(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #2

I’d be up for helping to squash a few bugs or implement some functionality (whether you’ll want my commits is beside the point) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome! Take a look at the open issues on the project page and feel free to squash any you want to take on.

As you’re getting used to the framework, I’ll walk you through your first few issues. Most of them aren’t difficult, they just need someone to put the time in to do them.

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(The Defalt) #4

I’ve been looking for a new project to work on, so I’d be down to help anyway I can.



(oaktree) #5

Yoo @fraq if you didn’t know, @Defalt is pretty beast at Python.



Right on. Then you’re hired!

We should schedule a time to get together on IRC and talk maintenance, features, framework, etc.


(oaktree) #7

I’m so glad 0x00sec is bringing people together!