Mr. Robot Discussion

(0x5) #1

Hey guys what’s your opinion about Mr.Robot ? just watched first season and looks awesome :innocent:

(oaktree) #2

It’s great. They really glue you to the TV.

(Serhii Pohorilyi) #3

I like the first season more but still second season is a must watch.


I love how realistic they make the hacking look. I am surprised at the extent of the writers to even contact real hackers to make it look as legit as possible.

However, the fact that conspiracy is too much pressed in the show and I am an anti bs-conspiracy guy (like ffs EVERYONE knows there is a 1%, there always has been, and there always will be. Deal with it), the show mostly has me “meh”-ing.


(0x5) #5

I’m waiting for season 3 so hyped =)

(appie) #6

is season 2 already over ? :cry:

(Cal0X) #7

Yet I’m still here waiting for Tyrell Wellick to show up and tell ‘Bonjour’ !

(0x5) #8

Only 1 episode left haha :stuck_out_tongue:

(Security Architect & Founder) #9

In-Sane. Is this really happening? xd

(appie) #10

its btw 3 episodes left check mr.robot facebook :sweat_smile:


**bonsoir lol, Tyrell isnt french :stuck_out_tongue:

(The Defalt) #12

It’s incredible realism really sells it for many people. From a production standpoint it’s very well made. Also, the writing keeps throwing me for loops. Overall, great show.


(Dusteh) #13

Actually there are 3 more episodes.


what type of loops? while, for, do-while?

(The Defalt) #15

While-unless actually.



Ah, Ruby? Gotta learn that sometime…

(Dusteh) #17

Have you guys watched episode 10? It’s AMAZING! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(0x5) #18

Yep already haha agree with you :wink: