Need help -- building c code

Hello everyone,
so the thing is i need to know how to use SysWhispers2 to convert some api functions i used to Nt* ones,
the problem is how to use it… i mean there may be some nice articles about it / how to generate the output .
but so far i didnt see anything that help me compile it, SysWhispers2 generates 3 files :

  • .asm
  • .h
  • .c

now my program is in c programming language (which is a shellcode injector), i cant use visual studio 2019, because my code wont work as it suppose to, so im kind of stuck with x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc

and im not familiar with mingw so how to compile the code all together ? …

the api im using: (including others, but these are the one i want to convert to Nt*)

  • WriteProcessMemory
  • CreateRemoteThread
  • VirtualAllocEx

so this command will do it for me:
python3 -f NtAllocateVirtualMemory,NtWriteVirtualMemory,NtCreateThreadEx -o syscalls

lets say i was able to pass my parameters (of the normal api’s) to NtAllocateVirtualMemory & NtWriteVirtualMemory & NtCreateThreadEx

knowing that of course my code (original one) have #include <windows.h> in it.
(im saying that because it showed me that it is an error when including "syscalls.h" which also contains #include <windows.h> … however in the github repo the example shows that he is including the both #include <Windows.h> && #include "syscalls.h" in the main program … so idk ppl :frowning: )

so how to compile it all together, and what to do with the new .c file outputted from syswhispers ?
knowing that im using linux os .

thanks for your time everyone …

be sure that i will post another topic about my code !

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