Need Help Starting With Linux? This might help


Do you want to get started with Linux but find it confusing? This will probably help you get started:

(Command-Line Ninja) #2

I think these links might be useful consolidated. Perhaps we should make a single static page on “Getting started with Cyber Security”


Yeah, it would be easier to find links.

(Command-Line Ninja) #4

Perhaps have it on the page.

#5 maybe? or learn.0x0…? about should be for something about the site, rather than helpful links, again, imo.

(Valentine) #6

I agree with that idea, but how would it be setup?

(Command-Line Ninja) #7

Perhaps a one page stop, with all your references, something that is nicely bookmarkable.


Yeah, I could see that working. Or perhaps a mega thread? That might be confusing to any new comers though.


@pry0cc it’s not a bad idea, but what if someone wants to add their own link he/she/apache found?



make a PR on github! lol.

(Valentine) #11

How about everybody has a page which they can customize to their liking. That way it would contain reference, but also allow users to add their links. Could that work?

(system) #12

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