NetMan for schools and Windows Server 2012 R2 hybrid Hacking


my teacher and I made a lt of jokes about the old computers on my school, because they where so esay to hack.
But now they updated them and I just cant find a way in.
My goal is to set up a RemoteDesktop applicatin so I can continue at home and in the, to become a Networkadinistrator myself.
I have tryed:

Win + R (nothing happend)
–> I tryed to run the run command via explorer.exe shell:::{many nubers and letters} ( but unfortunatly i couldnt try it on that day because of time

Win + I (nothing happend, but via Win + U you can open the settings but they close imideatly)
Same if you use the explorer to open settings

Batch with: start cmd (Networkadministrator deaktivated it error)
–>So I wrote a short Batch that runns commands for me, but I get systemerror 5.

So I disconected my Computer from the internet via /ipconfig but the pc stopt working
(The tower isnt standing next to the display anymore, so I think the display is connected to the server via LAN)

My conclusion was that no shortcuts work (f.E. Win + R) and that most common Methots wount work.

I really dont know what to try next, would be nice if you could leave a sugesstion.

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