New 0x00sec Discord Server!


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Me, and a few others have been speaking a lot, and we’ve decided that Discord is a better platform for discussion, as it has more features than IRC, and there are a lot of people who feel much more comfortable using Discord over IRC.

EDIT: However, that is not to say that we must all switch to Discord. Use whatever you want to use, both platforms have their merits.

Here is the link, I look forward to seeing you there!

Wait, what about IRC?

The IRC will still be there, do not fear! IRC has its place, and it will remain alive for some time, there is even an IRC bridge bot in place, so you can still keep in touch with the Discord lot if you feel fit. It is a really great platform and has a lot of really huge benefits over IRC.

Stay snappy :wink:
- pry0cc


Well, a few things :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m a bloody asshole, dickhead or whatever but, …, honestly, I think that using a cloud based solution like discord go against the principle of privacy. I really hope that the IRC will NEVER be shutdowned.

Cya on IRC.



While you are not wrong and I would not use discord for anything i would like to keep private, here we all are law abiding citizens, and whatever we say should be considered public. Given that i do not see why discord would be not ok in this particular case. IRC is not a better option because if anyone can join then there is no privacy whatsoever.


Indeed, you cannot prevent someone to log your conversations on IRC but at least you don’t agree to authorized it consciously :slight_smile:

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For private messages I would recommend OTR over IRC. However for public chat, it is more than reasonable. I know of at least 3 people in the main channel on IRC that lurk and don’t do anything, they’re probably logging.

I go by the general principle that a public channel is public, and private messages should be private (OTR over IRC).


Will that be different on discord in a few weeks though if the invite is publicly shared here (which is reasonable for a public chat room) ?

I’m not fully convinced of discord yet either, but if the logging is happening on IRC what are the alternatives… Life’s rough


I agree with you but those lurkers are not a company / organization which can manipulate data and make profit of it. Moreover, I’m sure that private conversations within discord are logged too …

Anyway, everybody is responsible of its usage of IRC / discord. The principal point of attention of my first post was to insist on the fact to not shutdown the IRC in the long run.

I think that it will split the community between IRC / discord users … Admins should adjudicate the issue.

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We’ll see how it goes. I am going to stay in the IRC, but I think that discord for sure has huge potential to be a far better platform than IRC. Remember that private conversations in IRC can be logged too with mspy.

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The only reason I would not use Discord over IRC personally is that I can’t “switch between aliases” so easy. I have a private Discord account which I do not want to disclose, so I would need to log out/on every time.

Never heard about that tool, can you elaborate? :slight_smile: (Found nothing on Google besides a phone spying ****)


mspy was just an extension for the ircd, it’s not a standard name, but its the only thing I can remember that relates back to spying on PMs with a command.

IRC networks usually declare in their ToS that they wont log secret channels and PMs, but that also means that the opers can do it, but ofcourse they don’t because unethical.

Anyone who owns the network can see everything that happens on the server, as long as the ircd is involved.


If anyone can join what? I’m sure the access control on IRC is more granular than what you can have on discord (even if discord does so, it picked it up from IRC in the end). Also, I dont see how you cannot have your own private space in secret channels. The only concern is that you need to trust the people running the network and that they dont do anything that you do not allow, but then, you have a lot less to trust with IRC and more to place your trust on with Discord.

In the end, it’s just personal preference, you should stay with the one you’re more comfortable with, and I hope the irc keeps running withthe discord bridge in the future.

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Maybe write a chatbot which serves as a bridge between discord <=> irc and relays all messages to each other?
This way everybody can choose whats more convenient for them and it keeps the community together.
Just an idea.


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Wow, that was fast! :smile:
I think I should finally take the time to check out what’s new the IRC :joy:

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Nice! A discord server! While I’ve never been a big fan of discord, I’ll give it a shot with you guys n gals.


We are talking about public chat room here. And if you arent self-hosting IRC even with access controls it is exactly the same as discord. IRC does have a benefit of self-hosting where discord does not though. Like i said it all depends on usecase. IMHO be it talking on discord or on freenode - its the same thing. Why would i trust freenode operators over discord operators? I wouldnt.


I’m going to chime in on this.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m L0k1, I run our IRC, and our Gitlab, as well as a few other things.

I may not be around all the time, but I’m constantly maintaining stuff. Before the talks about switching to Discord, before we had our own IRC, we were using Freenode’s IRC server. The issue with the Freenode server was that by default none of the users IP addresses were masked, and given that 0x00Sec did not control the infrastructure this presented a problem. Due to the lack of privacy and having no control over what was logged, monitored… Etc it was decided that we would start our own in efforts to better protect our users privacy.

I set us up our IRC server, masked all the users IP addresses, disabled logging, and gave us a place to chat with more security and privacy. As of right now, there are only 2 users able to view your IP address (Myself and Suser). I will tell you all right now, NOTHING you do in private messages is logged on our end. I can’t control what is logged in a public channel, nor can I control what individual users do.

If any of you know me, and have had the chance to watch my project “Mia” in action, you will know that logging would put me in a very bad position. My number one concern is the privacy of this community, plain and simple.

After hearing that there were talks of switching to Discord as our primary “chat” sent a few chills down my spine. I can fully understand that Discord is a much easier platform to use, and it provides much more functionality than our IRC, there’s no denying that. However, I do believe that switching completely to Discord is not the right move for the future, as there are some concerns I have. I am fully ready to keep paying for our IRC server, that’s not going to change. I’m also on board for using discord for “public” chats, but as far as perhaps talking about “Grey” area topics, id have to disagree.

Despite Discord being easier and having more options, it also has some things that sit uneasy with me. I know they say that user privacy is a big concern for them and that they are going to try hard to keep your privacy, their privacy policy states some things that worry me a little.

“Information You Provide: We collect information from you when you voluntarily provide such information, such as when you register for access to the Services or use certain Services. Information we collect may include but not be limited to username, email address, and any messages, images, transient VOIP data (to enable communication delivery only) or other content you send via the chat feature”

That there raises a red flag for me me. Although its not a HUGE issue, its enough to keep me from chatting/speaking through discord. Id rather not have everything I say, type, and share logged. Because that privacy policy applies to all Discord services, even “private” rooms are logged.

I know we are all law-abiding citizens, and everything we do is always legal, but its just something to consider

I’m not saying we shouldn’t use Discord, its an amazing platform, and provides great options, I’m just saying we shouldnt JUST use discord.

This is just my opinion.

If anyone has any questions about the security of our IRC and its loaded modules, and logging options, please feel free to ask, and I will gladly answer.


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Not that I don’t believe or trust you @L0k1, but how can we be so sure that you don’t log anything? I haven’t yet seen proof of it. And even if you are a trustworthy person, which I do believe you are, Suser can still see our IP addresses. How can we be so sure both of you are good people? In my opinion, which like any opinion can be argued about, your IRC server for me has about the same level of trust as Discord has.

IMO discord is a far better platform than IRC for public discussion. Private conversations are the sole responsibility of the users participating in them, so for that i recommend OTR over IRC. So I agree with you that we shouldn’t completely switch to Discord, but I don’t see any disadvantages in moving our public channels there.


BTW, you disabled logging, but I think you need to disable a few more things to make services remember less, or disable direct access for channel operators.

So I own #linux, hence I can see how user foo quit the network anywhere. (Our server runs Anope)


** Kowalski> !seen foo
** BotServ> foo ([email protected]) was last seen quitting (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) 8 days, 11 hours, 12 minutes ago (Aug 15 02:18:01 2017 EDT).

I think this is not in logs but in the services database, but would just like to confirm. Also, unless ChanServ is set +D on Atheme (idk the mode for Anope), it records all channel messages. Things are also logged openly when services run in debug mode, and there is no way to figure this out from the user’s end.

Commands sent to services are recorded as usual anyway.

Anope-2.0.2 UnrealIRCd 3.2.x -(enc_sha256) – build #2, compiled 20:50:41 Nov 10 2016

UnrealIRCd-4.0.4. Fhin6OoEM [*=4000]

For Atheme, it sees a quit and if the user was identified, it sets a metadata entry on their account to the quit message. A hook (into the seen command) then displays that later like it just did here.

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I want to make something clear that I may have miscommunicated in chat, and on this article. I don’t think we should ever move entirely to discord, there are many benefits using both platforms. There is also the thing that many people just prefer IRC over Discord, that is fine. I have nothing against that.

In my head, utilizing discord as well as IRC is going to be a positive thing for the community, and help put a lot more individuals who dislike IRC in connection.