Newbies / Ask for help(buying a wireless network card for pentesting)

I want to buy Wireless Adapter but I’m confused .I do not know which model is better .
I work with Linux so Wireless Adapter has to support it …
and I love Aircrack-ng so again Wireless Adapter has to support it …

My available Wireless Adapter list for buying
AWUS051nh v2
AWUS036nhr v2
Guide me…
(sorry for my English I’m not good Language learner)

Hello there
You should definitely go with AWUS036nhr v2 though I own an Alfa AWUS036H and according to my any alfa card would work unless its b/g


I have the AWUS036NH, and it works great. As long as it supports monitor mode I think you’re good.

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Oh lordy… this depends on whether or not you want to spend $10 bucks or $100 bucks… I got a new one for my RPi and I’m grateful that I got it. Why? My Windows box doesn’t have the drivers for the wireless card that I use for my Linux’s box, installed properly that is. My mind remembered that I got a external wireless card a while back (sold my RPi) and on top it all, I got a disk for it that install the proper drive. Yay!

What’s the moral of this story? You don’t need a fancy wireless card to use monitor mode or use it on your Linux box. I believe mine cost me roughly, $10. If anyone/you are wondering what it is… it is, USB 2.0 Wireless 802.IIN which comes with the disk that installs the driver RT5370. I also got it off of Amazon. I suggest personally… look on Amazon or places like Walmart for a wireless card and check out the compatibility drivers for Aircrack-ng.

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