Next Step on Hacking

Hello, I am a noob in hacking but I know general concepts in it…So, I am also new to this community and I want your help.

I am into hacking for nearly 7 months and had taken a Ethical Hacking course and CCNA. I wanted your suggestion on how you reach your current knowledge level from beginning and also please suggest me what a newbie should do in order to increase his/her knowledge in Hacking.

Any type of suggestion is welcomed…and thank you for taking your precious time reading this…:):blush::blush:

I’m sure others will pipe in with this: 0x00sec is a great community to learn if you put in the effort; there won’t be any hand-holding. Just start reading topics that interest you on the forum and dig into any areas that you don’t know about.

Never stop reading is the best advice I can give you

Edit: Hack the Box is a good way to practice what you know; there is a post somewhere on the forum about joining the 0x00sec HTB team


Yeah…I have tried HTB…Its awesome…I need more knowledge to hack…so I am watching Walkthrough on youtube of various retired VMs…Btw…thanks for your help.:slight_smile:

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Time. That’s what helped me. lol. Just keep learning and haxxing. :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem!

IRC is another good resource to learn new things here, but again don’t expect to have your hand held

Welcome to the community!

Note: I didn’t see an introduction topic for yourself on the forum, put yourself out there and say hello!

So I’m going to chime in from a different perspective and say that one shouldn’t aim to be good at “hacking” per se because it’s really just a mindset. When you think outside the box and apply your skills in ways that weren’t expected, that’s hacking. When you decide you want to rewrite a program because you believe you can do it better, that (to me) is still hacking. Hacking is creating, improving, disassembling, breaking, and much much more.

There are folks we revere as “hackers” who aren’t anything like traditional Hollywood Hackers at all. Think differently.

For more explicit direction:

  1. Enumerate your current skills/abilities
  2. For each one, evaluate whether it could be abused to gain access, breach trust, etc
  3. Examine this further and begin researching examples where this particular skill or ability was abused

There was a blind kid in the 80’s with perfect pitch who whistled his way into manipulating Ma Bell’s phone systems. They were a very large telecom conglomerate in America at the time. Who knew that simply being able to whistle a certain tone could break a phone system? That’s definitely hacking.


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