Noob Here, I need some knowledge

Hello folks,
I love the IT and everything about this area, especially the information security.
I’m 30 years old and I want to begin in this journey, have anyone some materials, some beginners exercices and sites, I’m begining of 0, I have a poor knowledge but I have a great persistance.
Very Thanks, bye

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Hi darkpack, Welcome aboard.

To start with I would recommend that you learn Operating Systems, Networking and maybe some programming (python is a common one to learn).

It would benefit you immensely to understand how Linux works, how it is configured etc. how the security components work together. This also applies to windows.
Once you have a solid grasp of Sys Admin kind of knowledge of the OS, look to the network. Understand the OSI layers, TCP/IP etc.
Finally, start on the road to code, Python is useful and regularly used for security tooling, exploits, etc. learn the basics, e.g. CodeAcademy free courses. Then google for some tooling, and try to reimplement them. An understanding is needed here, rather than a mastery. You may not want to become a coder, but an understanding of the code will help you to decide what tools to use, what is safe/not etc. I have seen seasoned InfoSec pro’s pull some code from an internet Rando and execute it against their environment with no thought to what the code is, what its doing, or how it will leave the environment when it completes.

Once you are comfortable with the above, you are then in a position to dive deeper into Specialisms. There are many to choose from, dont be daunted.

2 final pieces of advice.

  1. Dont try to learn everything (too much to take in, and it will turn you into a Jack of All trades, master of none)
  2. Blog as much as you can, use your learning as source material and share it with the community. by writing a blog to explain a topic, it forces you to understand said topic.



I suggest the following 2 YouTube series, made by an amazing YouTuber by the name of “LiveOverflow”, it’ll teach you quite a bit, once you finish with both series you can check out his other videos which are also amazing.

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