Online discussion

Dear friends, do you have a way to chat online? An online form of communication.
I hope you can share it with me. Thank you very much.

As far as I know,
0x00sec has a discord server…

I don’t know much cuz I have joined 0x00sec just yesterday

I used it before, and then I couldn’t find an import.
Now I want to find one and discuss some problems.
If you knew anything else, I’d thank you very much.

Maybe They have an IRC.
But the link they had given in the post is not available now.

Do you know how to get in

That’s the thing what I’m looking for last half an hour :expressionless:

I couldn’t get in there a long time ago, and I’ve been looking for it, and I haven’t found anything
What country are you from

What country are you from

From Bangladesh

I’m from China. Nice to meet you. I want us to be friends


Weisheme bu?


Sorry if there any mistake…

2 years ago I stayed in china for 23 days
Then i learned some basic words of Mandarin

Where in China did you go

Sanghai and Guangzhou

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