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I am not quite sure if I am on the right category, if not sorry. Anyways…

I want to dive into reverse engineering , exploits etc on ARM microprocessors. This is because I want to explore harvard architecture. I will set up my raspberry pi now once again, so I was thinking which OS do you propose?

I want something that has all the appropiate tools like gdb etc. Also I found Kali sligtly problematic on Pi (I remember having tons of problems with connecting on the internet etc) and Ubuntu being more stable.

Anyways, suggestions?


Literally the 1st link that pops using the search bar for “arm exploitation”:

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Honestly, if you’re looking for an OS for the rasperry pi, then I truly recommend raspbian. It’s a debian based OS so you’ll be able to install the tools you need as you need them and learn about ARM exploitation and whatnot. For what it’s worth, installing an OS with a shitload of bloatware is going to do you no good. You’ll be overwhelmed and you’ll have no idea where to start. It’s much better to install and learn as you go.

Thanks, I remember few years back the GUI of raspbian was kind of a mess. But with all the updates I see from the site looks great now.

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No problem! Indeed it has certainly improved, however since it’s linux, you can always customize it and change it to your liking. Anything from the most simplistic to the most complex interface is your choice and yours alone :smiley:

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