OSINT social networks

Hey guys,

i’m trying to visualize data from social networks like facebook or instagram but couldnt find anything nice.
i couldn’t find the recon-ng company facebook module anymore and maltego/paterva covered SocialNet as a paid service. Mhm. I’m out of ideas but dont want to visualize it manually with maltego or something else.
As example, it would be pretty dope, if some tool crawl some information about company x … maybe who is working at company x -> maltego -> relations. Going into details after that.

I’m from germany. facebook and instagram are by far the most common social media platforms, so it would be nice to cover this. LinkedIn - maybe Xing is also pretty nice.

Important Note:
I’m working at my bachelor thesis and trying to show our company the risk of employees posting sensitive information, maybe internals. if you want - it could be a part of a social media awarness inhouse campaign with the result of getting a internal social media policy. its time to think about it :slight_smile:


Some company websites will have blogs. I would run an email harvester on those to get the emails of the authors, which are likely also the names of employees. While the blogs won’t have anything sensitive, you can use the names in conjunction with google dorking. Maybe find a HaveIBeenPwned breach where someone’s email was involved and make sure that they have updated their password since that event.

The thing about OSINT is you can attack it in any direction and could go on for hours. IntelTechniques by Michael Bazzell has flowcharts for different kinds of information.

This isn’t specifically what you’re asking for but as this relates to employees posting sensitive information online, try and check out a tool on Github that’s called Gitrob - it’s an excellent tool that crawls for files or just information regarding the company that’s posted on Github (employees tend to release source code to the public on Github by accident, it’s quite common).

These might be able to help too if you haven’t already checked them out;
Facebook OSINT Tools
Twitter OSINT Tools

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