Pcie bus error after dualboot kali on windows system

i recently dualboot kali linux on my windows 10 system, its working fine but after use 1 day when i boot up it, it shows me pcie bus error,i cant go to console, i tried several solutions but those are not work for me please help me to find out the solution,

I think someone else has had this problem before.


Then have a look here. There seems to be a solution.

Good luck.

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How did you try that? You should be able to press Ctrl+Alt+F* to get to a command line interface. (F1-F7 should all work)
If it doesn’t then it might be easier & faster to just reinstall.
if it does work then follow what TR99 posted.

The installing linux part is always the hardest imho.
If you successfully installed and ran Linux for a couple reboots without issue, then it works and everything after that is usually your own fault.

Also there are often issues with dual-booting linux and windows especially when doing it on a partitioned drive.
Windows likes to not care about anything that is not itself. (well known example)
It works a lot better when using separate drives entirely.
But I would still recommend just using a virtualization environment like Virtualbox because it gives you a couple of things that are very useful as a pentester (for example a proper burned-in MAC address change)
You can also create a snapshot to which you can revert to if something goes very wrong.
Just make sure you keep it updated otherwise you’ll revert to a 3 months old snapshot and spend the rest of the day cursing while reinstalling packages you don’t know the name of anymore… happened to me once…

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Kali is one OS you should definitely set up as a VM.


Also have a look at Parrot OS. A lot of people have been telling me to check it out.

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