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Hi everybody!

I couldn’t find PentesterLab topic around here. Since I’m having a lot of trouble solving most of the White badge exercises, I hope someone here could answer questions regarding it, and give some advice or clue in right direction. There aren’t many write-ups or tutorials on the internet for Pro exercises, and I’m having trouble scoring exercises online (ISO versions are somewhat easier to solve). I have even contacted owner of the site on several occasions, and he gave me clues on how to solve particular exercise, which is something not everybody would do (and I’m extremely thankful for that!). This would of course happen after spending 2-3 hours on exercise (with or without watching video tutorials), and researching online.

Currently I’m stuck on Pickle Code Execution exercise, netcat connection hangs (server timeout), and I haven’t been able to issue command over it. I’m looking for another way, using Burp Suite, but Python scripts I have found online didn’t work in my case.

Maybe I’m missing some details, and we (beginners) could help each other make some progress in this lab. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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Finally managed to solve it, what did the trick was hitting Enter after base64 code, before semicolon, otherwise I would get different response from server (no completion):

What I don’t get is why this works, shouldn’t it work anyway, with or without new row in Burp?

Hope it helps someone!

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