Pentesting lab101

Hi again genius

I’m going to setup a pentesting lab so I can practice just wanted to get a few views of how you guys do things.

Was going to use kali as base OS then use some sort of vm

I’ll update this soon and let you guys know what I’ve done I’ll start sitting up things in a couple of hours

If I have posted in the wrong place admin please move apologies

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Kali doesn’t matter, it’s just Debian with extra fluff.
Focus on what kind of targets and attack scenarios you want to simulate in your lab.

The setup very much depends on resources you have available for the lab and what you want to practice. A great starting point is to read few posts on this forum to give you an idea how people setup and use their labs for particular purpose. Rapid7 also has high level recommendations for box specs you may want to consider while building your own lab with Metasploit for example. HTH :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys
I’m still researching so I understand the vm and the pros and cons.

Think I will start with vm box

Not focusing on kali but it was the chosen one when I thought that I was some cracker just because I installed a linux OS funny thing was I did not have a clue how to use the dam thing coming from windows.
Now look I love the dam thing dont really need the graphical interface love command line

I will take a look at your suggestions and update how I’m getting on.

But if any one has a little spare keyboard time explain a little differences in labs depending on what one is doing.

Nice one

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