PHD Ideas: what subject should I choose?

Hi All,

Random question, if you were to do a doctorate degree in information security and you could choose any subject what would you choose?

I’d probably do something related to automated malware analysis. Seems like something I’d enjoy.

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Nice, I was thinking about this as well…

My top three (so far) are:

Something to do with exploit writing…
Malware analysis
Automated OSINT framework and application.

They all seem a bit Meh… but I think with the community I can think of something useful.

I was thinking along the lines of developing a sandbox/virtualiser to track and log live malware detonation activity. Something like Sandboxie but more pro-malware execution.

Yeah, I like this suggestion.

Any more out there?

Just reminded me of einstein 3

Wow okay… Ummm I haven’t heard of this programme before, I shall have to do some more googlefoo tomorrow (can’t trust wiki on its own and all that).


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