Playing & Recording CTF's


Hello 0x00sec community! I have a new idea for a series, but I wanted to hear your opinion about it first.

Basically, I will play CTF’s and I will record my screen and my voice while doing so. This will be like a “playthrough”, except this time we’re doing it with hacking!

These “playthroughs” will be unedited versions of me trying to hack into a CTF VM, while I am also giving a commentary, so you guys will certainly learn something! And because I will fail 99% of the time, you guys will also have a good laugh! And I can assure you that you will also laugh a lot because of my “unique” way of responding to changing situations. Here are some of the things you guys can expect:

  • My incredibly sexy Belgian accent.
  • Educative, non edited videos will show you how a real hacking situation looks like.
  • Hilarious failures.
  • Dutch swearing.
  • And more!

So, what do you guys think? Should I make this into a reality?

By the way, if this becomes popular enough, I am considering turning these into livestreams!

Give me your thoughts below!



Yeah that could be really cool !


Definitely a good ideia, and a livestream would be pretty cool and educational. Plus you could use feedback and other ideas when you’re having trouble…

(Command-Line Ninja) #4

Sounds awesome!! You should start with netas!


This would be awesome! :smiley:

(oaktree) #6

@pry0cc Did you mean natas?

(The Philosopher) #7

yeah we 'll learn a lot ! awsome


Sounds good, I’ve actually tried looking for this kind of thing on youtube and such in the past and found very little.


Seems awesome! Hope you get it done!

(Command-Line Ninja) #10

Yup, two pints later :joy:, I thought it was netas :joy:


+2 For Accent and Dutch swears.

(Okznokz) #12

Sure, looking forward to it. Especially this will be my first encounter with a Belgian voice. :joy:

(Ne0_) #13

Yes, I am definitely on board. Even though I might become jealous watching someone more than a decade younger than me being better than me at hacking :sweat_smile:

Jk, I am really looking forward to your “Playthroughs”, and considering your skill, I am sure there is much to learn from them.


My skill in actual hacking is not as on point as most people think. Hardware hacking is my thing, software hacking is a little bit off right now :wink:


(Command-Line Ninja) #15

Web is pretty difficult since a lot of is finding vulnerabilities in code and logic. Something a lot more creative than running an nmap scan and popping open a MSF console and hitting exploit.

(The Defalt) #16

I would definitely watch it.


(OTW) #17

I’d love to hear your incredibly sexy Belgian accent!


Senpai OTW has spoken, it is now law.

(Barbarossa) #19

yes I’d love to watch how you do things and have a good lough!

(Command-Line Ninja) #20

We’ll find out soon enough whether its sexy or not xD No offense @Evalion