Playing & Recording CTF's


@Phoenix750 This is an awesome idea! I think it would be a great way for many on here to see, how other would try to actually hack a system. This is a really good way to learn.
I already imagine livestreams where @Occupytheweb sets up a CTF machine and we all, the community, try to figure out how to get into that thing :wink:
We could give you ideas suggestions on the livestream what you should try and so on. Would be a fun community event!

And besides, we would learn some Dutch swearing :smiley:
When I learned one thing by traveling to other countries, then most of the time it’s swearing :wink:


This is a great idea! It would be helpful for a noob like me to be able to actually see what others do to hack. It’ll help me begin to understand hacking better while I’m still learning some languages. :slight_smile:


To be honest hackers are all alike mate! Even if we decide to explore different topics, we still seem to have a very good sense of curiosity of how something works. And having seen you on NB beforehand, I can safely say that you’ll probably be much better at software hacking sooner than you think.

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That hands down sounds like an awesome idea. I would hands down watch it!

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its really gone bey a good idea but wil it uploud on youtube ?

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I still need to figure that out. Chances are high I will upload it to youtube yes.



@Phoenix750 you could make the video private so it’s not public for everyone. So you could just share the private URL in here, the community.
Just an idea if you want to keep that more private.

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I was planning on doing that @zSec



Dude this is a great idea, cant wait if it happens

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #30

I’m addicted to this idea! :grinning: Definitely let us know when you do that. I think it will be much fun either. What about Google Hangouts On Air?


where can we find this? on this page?

(Hardware Bias!) #32

I am still working on it.



@Phoenix750 Hey Phoenix, is there a specific date you are going to start it ? And where are you gonna get the VM’s from ? Are you gonna make your own VM’s, so you can test you defensive and offensive skills this way ?


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I’m going to get the VM’s from vulnhub. No set date at the moment.


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