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Hello guys,
I’m looking for an answer to a question. What should I start learning about hacking first? I enjoy hacking, for example. I recently made my own home network and tried to hack it, but I definitely don’t know a lot of things and I’m looking for an answer to the question where to start. If you have any good links where things are well explained, I would be very happy if you would share them. Or some classic character advice is fine, for anything new I will be happy to learn. Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I’m still somewhat new to everything as well. I’m new to this forum

Also, learned nmap from one of your reply’s on a thread. so thank you for that.

Hello @mrx I would recommend that you should start with the fundamental cybersecurity skills one will always need when hacking: Networking, Linux, Windows, and scripting . Here are some resources to learn these skills:

I wish you luck on your journey. The important thing is to persist and see everything as a learning opportunity. Have a great day!


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