Python learning

Please, does anyone know a school in Europe or America where I can learn a python programming language in less than 1 month?
I am open to any suggestions but online learning is out of it because of poor electricity in my country.

Is electricity expensive or not? What a strange thing to say

the electricity is unstable

You can’t learn programming fast, it’s continuous process without end, expecting that you will do it in 1 month will make you bad programmer or you will become one of programming normies, we don’t need more of them.

If you can’t move to better place write programs on paper and run and debug them when electricity is here, copy one of many piratable ebooks content on paper, so you have at least one topic to cover when electricity is out, study computer science.

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Have a couple of different books on programming next to my bead which I go through regularly. I think I have learnt more just by reading these books and making notes of the things I learn than any other method. But the most important thing is that you need to constantly be coding, otherwise you will never actually learn how to apply and become a better programmer.

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