RATs question. Long break

Hey, i’m new to this forum. I used to be into this stuff few years ago, when i was younger, around 15. I’ve stopped after having some problems.
I was looking for some RATs (NjRAT is what i used mainly) but nowadays you can’t trust nowhere. I found NjRAT and LimeRAT on Github. I know Github, obviously, but is it safe ? could be any backdoor ? any site/safe clean download anywhere you guys would know about ?
I used to be on another Hackers forum back in the day, small family. Great times, but they closed up, unfortunately… these questions were no problem there, so i apologise if my question is against the rules or anything. I saw people talking about RATs on some topics so i figured it’ll be no problem to ask. if it is, again, i aplogise. Please let me know.

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