Reading Data Directly from the Printer

Hey 0x00ers! I am new here.
Is there any way to read data directly from the printer? I have full access to printers webinterface so I can change printer security settings too.
Tried but got connection closed/timeout message.

model; d-copia_4000mf

Printer ip Protocol settings;

PRET and Praeda provide frameworks for this. PRET works most of the time in my experience, but the extent of the module capabilities is hit-or-miss.

Did you make sure to try all the printer languages? PCL/PJL/PostScript? Depending on which one the printer supports, you can have the printer store print jobs in a buffer and them dump them to your local machine when you choose.

Yep, tried all of them with no result. Connection timeout. is there another way to get data? :s