Real or fake what do you say

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There’s a few different ways, but $700 won’t get you access to all the options.

  1. Phishing - Most likely what they’re doing for $700. If they can get the victim to reveal their passwords or credentials to something, they can likely pivot around until they get access to something like iCloud or IG.

  2. Sim-swaps - They’ll either call and socially engineer some phone company help desk person to swap the sim of a phone OR they’ll have an insider at a T-Mobile store (malicious staff or just someone who grabs the manager tablet and runs out).

  3. 0-days - lol. Unless you’re ready to drop at least $1M, you’re not gonna have access to this. It can potentially open the whole device up, though.

  4. SS7/SIP Compromise - Even less likely, because those with access won’t wanna burn it for only $700. Basically, it’s an infiltration of the global phone network that would allow for location tracking and potentially intercepting messages/calls.

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