Receive emails from a keylogger without hardcoding smtp credentials?

How could I send emails (for example to get logs from a keylogger) without authenticating to a smtp server. Should I implement a local smtp server? I don’t want to hardcode credentials inside the keylogger and I’d want to avoid trivial spam-flagging.
Which methods should I use? Can you recommend a python example code to learn?

  1. first u must have a domain
  2. u must assign this domain to MX record to your own internet ip or server ip address,
  3. u must use simply email server(for example; delphi tidsmtpserver), this email server can receive all emails without depending mailbox account and display incoming mail.
    3.2. this another way, u can configure your own stmp server receive or route all emails. (linux smtpserver, with plesk cpanel like mail server configuration tool)

Write your server on PHP for receive files, and use her for receive logs.

simple use php mailer
send post req that php mailer grab and forward to your email addr