Red Team - Gitbook 2.0

Hi everyone!!.
It been a while, yeah, you know life, bills, pandemic and all the stuff that 2020 left for us. Now about a while back I posted a Gitbook for helping anyone to jump onto the amazing area of Red Team, but man is it difficult to jump to, there are some great resources out there (MITRE, Twitter, Blogs) maybe it was just me but did I had some difficulties trying to find the correct things and get myself in the right direction without losing track of my RED TEAM and well here I am putting my notes updated to the internet to find. It is very beginner friendly and have everything from MITRE with more great images and high level explanations also Videos!!.
I really hope this helps for anyone getting started on this awesome field and trying to Red Team Harder.

Red Team Notes 2.0

Oh if any mistakes or I forgot to mention some of the great resources I TRIED FINDING, please do let me know. I left the old gitbook also up just reference, hey we all start somewhere. :yum:



Great red team resources!

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