Red Team Infrastructure

Hi everyone!!

Been a little quiet for a while, but I’ve been grinding on this Red Team stuff, recently got an amazing certificate from HackTheBox on Red Team, and of course working on more! I haven’t forgotten about our beginner security engineers trying to jump on red teaming, so I’ve built the RedTeamNotes 2.0 for everyone to see, and understand how the red team techniques work at a very high level but now, what about setting up infrastructure from 0 to hero. Well I’ve taken care of that, and of course, all the tools utilized are open source as always, and do have fun learning and practicing. Don’t be afraid to reach out, maybe I misspelled or got something wrong.

I will be updating the book more, more techniques, tips, and tricks.

Please enjoy!


People who share knowledge in such an organized matter are one of a kind! Skimmed through it today, thanks for all the effort put!


Thank you! Much appreciated!

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