Reverse Engineering an ATM skimmer!

(Command-Line Ninja) #1

“When traveling, Elizabeth and I are always a little bit extra
cautious; we hide money in special belts, we carry emergency cards in 3
separate places, we never withdraw more than $100 from the ATM. One
precaution Elizabeth always takes, is covering her PIN number with her
left hand while she types it with her right. At first, I thought it was
over-paranoid, but being a security researcher, I was soon covering my
PIN everytime I typed it as well. Little did I know that this precaution
would soon pay off…”

In this article a security researcher discovers an ATM skimmer in the form of a stuck on pin-guard, and proceeds to reverse engineer it. This kind of crime is more prevalent than break in robberies, and more effective too.

Full Article here


Thanks mate! Always wondered how the criminals did it.