Rrecommendations for Network Tools

Hi there,
I recently got employed (first job) as a sysadmin and netadmin at a small company and I was wondering what networking and/or administrative tools I could use that they can help me at my job.

Currently I am using Wireshark to monitor the network and Nmap to check out the machines.
Are there any other tools you would recommend that are helpful?

That probably largely depends on what kind of network you operate. But in general I’d think the whole range of

snmpwalk & snmpget

And the like can be useful.

There are a lot of very specific tools that all serve their purpose well but there will be a lot you won’t need as they’re irrelevant for your network.

• Is it just a normal office environment?
• What OS are used in the network? Which do you use yourself?
• Are you also responsible for network security?

Knowing this would likely help to answer your question better.


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