Show off your setup! V2


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Thread over, best setup.

Yes, that’s a legit pad of graphing paper and a real Pilot Acroball pen. Contain your jealousy, please.

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You can’t beat me and my 1337 haxxor setup that I’ve upgraded from plain black to orange… I win hands down.

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I’m very much interested to have a look at you dotfiles, I’m currently setting up my arch and coincidentally using I3 WM, tmux and ranger, too

Maybe “github” your dotfiles? recently did that! So nice to manage them all in one place + version control.


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My old dotfiles are still on my github, under Ghost2?

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Didnt realize that this post is allrdy 2 month old.
I was so busy with studies last 3 month i rarely visited the forum. i beg your pardon.

your setup changed much lately? i know arch is always work in progress, but your setup seems pretty

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Oh yes, @Cawa is back! I’m no longer the only electrical technician!

By the way, my setup is coming too, i’m also still setting it up before showcasing it!

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Wow i really like your setup . what os and theme do you use ?

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This is sexy as hell!


Solarized + suckless

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Could you share config files?


Of course, it’s not that much configured. Like to keep it simple and minimal.

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Thank you! good job :smiley:

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Ok, I’m done customizing my final setup. Here are some screenshots. Would like to hear @pry0cc’s and @fi6uh’s rating especially!

I run ArcoLinuxB, which is basically Arch Linux with some themes and configs included. I debloated it using their BYOI project and further customized my shell with zsh and powerlevel9k theme, replaced the file manager, and did some other minor tweaks.

My desktop when empty:

My drop-down terminal, which I mainly use for package management and other small tasks:

Obligatory neofetch + Main Menu:


My file manager (Nemo from Cinnamon). The top bar is a bit transparent on purpose:

Visual Studio Code, where I work on my microcontroller code (BTW guys, this program is the first iteration and is full of bugs:

Using KiCAD (just something random I drew to showcase):

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The transparency and blur on your xfce bar is slick. I like it!

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i3wm <3


hahhaha…god mode on

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Is this sublime text? It looks really nice!

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Yes, I’m using Sublime with Adaptive theme.

  • CTRL + Shift + P -> Toggle Menu
  • CTRL + Shift + P -> Toggle Tabs