Show off your setup! V2


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I love the look and feel of this. Would appreciate those dot files if you ever get a chance to upload them!


You’re welcome :}


Ah, I didn’t even think to check for a GitHub. Thank ya.


Any chance I would able to see your tmux dot file? Noob here, running OXS as well and really digging your setup. Super clean.


Thanks, unluckily my macOS died 4 days ago, and I don’t have my dotfiles, but I think this setup is very similar:


Again people waste their time to customize their system instead of learning how systems work. When their system was customized as they wanted it to be, they open a bunch of C or Python code, look at that bunch of code and it makes them happy and makes feel like they’re really true-hackers.

You spend your time to customize your system more than you do to learn. Did you install your system for showing or what? It makes no sense.

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I’ve never bothered with customizing my desktop a lot but why the hate?

Having nice desktop and knowing how system works is not mutually exclusive. It’s same kind of argument as “if someone is physically fit he is probably dumb cause you can’t be both smart and fit”

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How can people learn if they have a shitty desktop? Ever thought of that? :wink:


The hard truth. Well said.


The total amount of time it cost me to customize my system: a little under 20 minutes.

What I got from it: not having the urge to hang myself everytime I open a text editor.

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I don’t know who you’re replying to, but since I created the thread, I’ll address this.

A hackers setup is something that they show off. Is it serious? No. Is it fun? Yeah! It’s like putting stickers on your laptop. It gives you some sort of individuality with your setup, right down to the experience.

Secondly, all the code showed in these screenshots are code owned and written by the owner. In my screenshots the ruby there is MY code that I wrote from scratch for scraping emails from LinkedIn.

Thirdly, if people want to mess around with config files and call themselves a hacker, let them. For somebody with little skills, customising their I3WM can give them a huge morale boost, and give them a little bit of relaxation.

I created my setup files in a dark time in my life, and being able to come home and mess around with something as insignificant as colours and shades and fonts, was a good escape for me.

You don’t have to have a nice setup, it’s just something some people like doing, some of the time.

Chill out, and let people have their setups.


@pry0cc I think you worried because you thought my message was directed to you. It’s false. There is separated part of people with that mindset I described in the message.

How can people learn if they have a shitty desktop? Ever thought of that?
What I got from it: not having the urge to hang myself everytime I open a text editor.

I cannot say these assumptions aren’t honest. I thrilled when saw people with their simply-customized system, but they know very much.


Your system looks well. But please, I have NO idea how it can be possible to work with system @l0x6c was posted a bit above. Briefly, it’s uncomfortable, but I’m not surprised. I can see this style on 4ch (g), each anon there has almost the same customized system. Don’t know where the idea of no-border style came from.

I don’t try to offend someone, I really have no idea.

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My web dev setup.

The setup she told you not to worry about. (I’m trying to get into vim)

I use all browsers for testing, but my main browser is Chrome.


I’m not a fan of that setup myself but if it works for him, what is the problem? A setup is someone’s personal choice, his/her way of using their own system, and we definitely should never judge anyone’s performance and productivity based on the way they made their system look. @pry0cc is very productive with i3wm, I on the other hand don’t get anything done with it.

And if you believe that people don’t learn anything from setting up a personalized system (which is a wrong assumption), I appeal to you again: what would be the problem with that? The joke is on them, not you :slight_smile:.


Nice setup, I like the colors of your terminal. Is the text editor you use VScode?

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Thanks, I use Ayu

EDIT: The text editor is VScode.

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Okay, so here’s my personal setup.

Simple Desktop - Budgie (Gnome based)

Simple pop-up terminal (Quake mode) - Tilix

Using the terminal - Tilix
(compiling gdc - gcc based D compiler)

Email - Evolution
(fully working PGP setup - sign/encryption)

Programming - VS Code
(I either use vscode or (neo)vim, depending on the projects)

Discord - Bandaged-BetterDiscord w/ custom TransparencyTheme and several plugins

IRC - Hexchat w/ some plugins
(I’m kinda unhappy with this setup - Hexchat isn’t a great client but I didn’t find any better one)

If you want I can also add a photo of my desk, I have several interesting things (like a mixer).
Let me know if you want to see that.

Updated some pictures to reflect some recent changes I made, mainly related to fonts.

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Nice dude! I love your discord!