SSL debug file in wireshark

What is an SSL debug file in wireshark? I am following the below tutorial and I am stuck at step 4 of this set of Citrix Netscaler instructions

(I am trying to decrypt SSL and TLS Traffic Using Wireshark)

If you are intending to capture some packets in an encrypted session, know that the Wireshark can only decrypt that data if the capture includes the initial establishment and a ssl debug file.

The SSL debug file is where you input your “ssl log” file that contains informations about decrypt process which is generated by the Wireshark itself when configured.

The setup is simply set a SSLKEYLOGFILE environemnt variable (i.g.: export SSLKEYLOGFILE=/home/user/ssldbg.log), then fill the “(pre)-master-secret log” form with the same directory as the ssl debug file and open your browser (this process is compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome – if there any other I’m not sure).

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