Stealth Wireless KeyLogger

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This just popped in my twitter, and it looks like something interesting for the kindof forgotten HW section.

It is based on an Arduino, a GSM modem and a small NRF board for the wireless sniffing. All that packed in a standard USB charger case. All the code is available in gihub.

Even when it is a bit old, I think it is a great example of HW hacking. Take a look to the code to figure out how some stuff work… how to send data via an old GSM modem, sniff RF signals,…


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I saw it on mine as well. Looks really cool! I think a computer power cable would be a cool disguise

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Looks like it would be tough to fit all that stuff in there! It would probably require to build an ad-hoc GSM board


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What about a power brick transformer type deal?


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@pry0cc you’d think it would be interesting to kick off a community project involving HW?.. Maybe start with something simpler that this keylogger and go further step by step

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Pretty cool idea! I thought of community projects in other fields as well because we are currently a group of nice guys.

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