Tips on being organized and prioritizing stuff?


So basically I’m really the procrastinate kind of guy. I can’t keep deadlines and I always do things last hour.

People who function like clockwork, I summon you!
Tip me on how to be more organized, please and thank you!


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I did a pretty comprehensive post on this in another thread.


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Make a work plan and stick to it for long enough to make it a habit. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Leave a generous portion of down-time to prevent burn out. Isolate what’s important and use them as the foundation to build upon.


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You have to beat yourself into following some sort of plan. Trust me, as a fellow procrastinator the only way I’m able to get things done is if I make myself follow the plan I’ve said I will. It’s all too easy to procrastinate looking for ways to stop procrastinating. Then you end up in a vicious circle of wasting time.

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Dude, thanks. This topic is wonderful.
@Bl4ckb0x97 @occupi you too!

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Here is what worked for me…

I took a notebook and well, almost everyday I wrote down a To Do List. The only flaw is that I never looked at the list again. XD

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Consider making/getting a planner that has a schedule in it and write down/type in where your deadlines are set. If it is on a phone, set an alarm to remind you of what you have. I recommend trying every other person’s way above. I personally find writing my schedule down is my better way to memorize what I have, but hey everyone thinks differently and has their unique way of doing things. You just have to find what best works for you. Good Luck!



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