Total beginner needing help and guidance

I’m a total beginner and don’t know much about the cyber world. I don’t know how to protect myself from cyber theft either. I never intended to enter this world but for very very legitimate reasons I just had to search for someone that can carry a hacking service for me. Obviously I know this isn’t done for free but I was shocked with the amount of scammers that claim that they can get the job done for me! Luckily I have been very careful so far. I read online that the only place I can find true hackers is the deep/dark web. However it’s very risky to enter without proper protection! I need to know if there is anyone here that can guide me on this matter and how to get it done step by step

Rule number one: Do not trust anyone.
Rule number two: If you need something done, do it yourself.
I can help you if you want, tell me how you wanna communicate. Via PM

Thank you for your msg… yes I can not trust anyone and I know that… I wish I can do the job myself but I’m not sure if I can… basically I need to hack a WhatsApp account… is that something that can be done !?

Yes it can be done, do you have physical access to person who owns this account?

No I can’t hold this persons device otherwise I would have used applications like what’s web… unfortunately this has to be done remotely… I’m not sure if this can be done or not

Ok, so what you have? Whatsapp login? Facebook profile? You need to gather all info about this person first. Just do research, and save any logins, names, aliases into txt file. Thats for starters

I have their WhatsApp number!!! They don’t use Facebook… but Instagram instead! Again I don’t have the password just the account name… can we do this through private msgs? I’m not sure how to send you a private msg

Click on my nickname or avatar -> on profile page you have blue button Message
Oh god i am feeling like it helpdesk :smiley:

:speak_no_evil::woman_facepalming:t2: I feel like a 90 year old granny… sorry but couldn’t find it! Maybe if you send me a private msg then I can reply to it!!!

Ok since I don’t know how to do this privately… let me know what is the next step after having some of the info you mentioned!?

To login on whatsapp you probably need SMS verification, so you need access to phone of that person in order to get the verification code from SMS. Anyway if you will get access to phone then you have access to everything :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont know much about android or ios, you can for sure create backdoored APK for android and somehow get this person to install it. Or maybe there are some other ways, creating phishing sites (fake whatsapp site, person will use it to login to her his account, you get the credentials, use these credentials to automaticly login, this person will get SMS with code, and again will type it in, which means you get the code, since its your fake site blah blah blah).
Too much effort, too little to gain i guess. But you can try. Depends how much you wanna get access to this account.
I think getting access to this persons computer would be easier for you.
BTW, Informations above are purely educational, accessing someones devices without this person consent is illigal :wink:
Good Luck

Oh dear this is too much information for me to understand! No I can not get access to this persons phone or computer… it’s only the WhatsApp that I need to hack and nothing else… I know that hacking is illegal but not everything we do in life is legal plus there are always very legitimate reasons that I’m not even worried if this person finds out later… I saw a tutorial on YouTube about some spy applications but I’m not sure if they’re some sort of scam or what?! I know I’m not supposed to download every application on my devise unless it’s verified … in conclusion, I think I’m better off looking for some professional that can get the job done for me … I just don’t know where to look…

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