Transformar web.config em .htaccess

(raif) #1
I have software for .htaccess deny web config conversion, but I have not found anything to convert to web config den htaccess. Does anyone who knows can translate the following code?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

(CGMS) #2

I didn’t find any converter but I personally would recommend that you understand what this web.config is doing and translate manually to an Apache equivalent.
Doing this way, you will get a better understanding of your server. :slight_smile:

(fxbg) #3

I was going to help but then I got tired of scrolling the post content to read.

(raif) #4

thank you for your help

(CGMS) #5

Sorry, I could serve you better.
This link will help you:

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What exactly is the purpose here? Just curious.

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