Ubuntu Vs kali for Web exploits

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Well I am interested only in Web Exploits (XSS,Cross Site, SQLi etc.)
but I am a hardcore Ubuntu user been developing websites and playing around for a while.
So Should I get a dual boot Kali or just Leave it be. I am still learning about Exploits right now So wanted some help :smile:


Kali Linux is in the end just a “bloated” debian OS. That said many useful tools are pre-installed, which you obviously can install on your Ubuntu just fine too with the advantage of only having those you really want/need.

But once again if you need to spin up a quick VM for (pen-)testing purposes Kali is convenient (similar to ParrotOS).

In the end (as always) the conclusion is use what you want as long as you’re happy with it.

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And by compiling and installing them directly from git you can always know you have the latest features :sunglasses:

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Damm right I really don’t think I will use like all the exploits in kali :handshake:

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