VingCard Vision electronic lock system - Vision 6.3 software from Tomi & Timo's 'Ghost in the Locks' presentation?

It was recently discovered this year by Tomi Tuominen & Timo Hirvonen (as shown in their presentation, ‘Ghost in the Locks’ at the Infiltration 2018 conference) how to to open VingCard locks without access to the original key.

Additionally, Slawomir Jasek elaborated further on this research in his presentation at CONFidence Conference (titled “A 2018 Practical Guide to Hacking NFC/RFID”) that it is possible to brute-force any given hotel guest card in order to create a master keycard.

“VingCard Vision” is the software used by various hotel chains for the VingCard electronic lock system for encoding access cards. – Slawomir Jasek had a screenshot in his presentation, as did Tomi Tuominen & Timo Hirvonen, showing that they located + downloaded the “Vision 6.3 Total” of the VingCard software itself from a site ending in /webdownloads/Vision_ . I managed to do some Google-Fu and locate what I believe was the download site they accessed: (note the trailing underscore at the end). Also, the Sectron forum post that explicitly shows this link having directed to a download at one point is located here:

Unfortunately, the link doesn’t seem to be working anymore to download the software, and it wasn’t backed up on Wayback Machine prior to becoming unaccessible.

I was curious; did anyone happen to snag a copy of it before it became unavailable? :confused: It would have been such an interesting piece of software to attempt reverse-engineering.

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