VPS domain name NS Routing (hijacking)

hello ,

hope everyone is good in 0x00sec, its been a while i disapeared for some reason…
anyways to keep it short, i made a setup for my VPS , and routed throw 1and1 NS servers to share some of my private domains, to use private emails on my domains and some hosted domains that uses 1and1 public NS(s) by editing some files in the servers such as network.conf , nslookup.conf if i remember … etc

introduction to my problem : .

there is a specific domain name , has been expired since 1998, and i lost my email there.
A YAHOO email still exists, yet my alternative recovery email is on that LOST domain name.
cant buy it / nogitiate it to recover my yahoo mail. and there help central kind OF SHIT FOR LIFE

now my question is :

is it posibile do that same exact thing to buy from the domain and ns provider that shares the protected domain name, to BUY an VPS from there, and do some same steps to get an email from that expired domain name ?

for example : [email protected]

using same VPS and NS Routing ?

please keep in mind i need the answer without stupid answers and alternatives.

best regards, 0X00Sec IRC User “X” R.I.P temp.

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