What am I doing wrong to get a job abroad H1B / TIER (mexican)?

I am trying to move another country , but as I know H1B or TIER visas sometimes are not easy to get. I have some experience in red team operations , and penetration testing. I have been ~4 years in this field with 2 workable year. Until now, I mainly worked as a Penetration tester & red team member. I started sending my resume to job-related advertisements as a penetration tester, a junior security consultant , red team member , vulnerability research over indeed , linkedin . So far without any luck.

  • Hack The Box & vulnerebility research 1 yr 6 mos
  • Ethical Hacker 9 mos PwC
  • Penetration Tester 1 yr 2 mos Company Name
  • Security Programmer Company Name 3 months(project)
  • Web Programmer Company Name 2 months(project)

I also have been ex employee mostly 5 months , but I have been using my free time to learn vulnerability research , and exploitation, I also paid OSCP cert , but I didnt finish(PWK only, I need to take OSCP 24 hours chall to earn the cert) because I was focusing on vulnerability research

this was syllabus from 2 months ago, i am focusing right now at AWE syllabus (browser exploitation only)

  • System Architecture
  • Memory Management
  • Registers
  • Intro to assembly
  • Intro to Immunity Debugger
  • Stack
  • Saved Return Pointer overwrites
  • Structured Exception Handling
  • Bad Characters
  • Limited buffers
  • Egg hunters
  • Introduction to shellcoding
  • Metasploit modules
  • Unicode buffers
  • Bypassing ASLR
  • Bypassing DEP
  • Shellcoding
  • Fuzzers

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