What do you all “really” think of Defcon?

@yeezi I never said I was pretending that, that is how everything will go. I just answered your question by giving you a possible outcome of what could happen. Never said it will happen. There are infinite possibilities and infinite amount of outcomes that could happen. Time will decide which outcome will happen. If people from Defcon think pretending is the way to go, let them, it mainly means they are scared. And theoretically, if you think about it, they would pretend to say “this is how it will happen” in order to not lose customer revenue. If they accept the fact and do not pretend, then people will not want to come to Defcon anymore (by realizing it is a sideshow attraction(@fxbg)). So… in short, Defcon is stuck in a business stalemate right now.

No worries, I wasn’t implying that you did. I’m only pointing it out because that’s the basic gist of their theme this year.

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