What does this golang code do?

HI~,I am learning to use Metasploit to make malware and I have some problems.

He asked me to convert the code into the following format. How do I convert it?

Also, what does this code do? Can you recommend a golang tutorial on this?

I through that you had missing some basic concept before you doing it. So the problem is not about the golang and what kind of language it use. Slow down and pick up the basic.

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I want to ask a question
shellcode_buf = []byte{
0xfc, 0x48, ----shellcode----, 0xd5,
What type does this code convert to shellcode? What code or language is the shellcore generated by msf?
I don’t know about this :joy:

In this scene you are using the msfvenom to generate a meterpreter payload for windows x64 and the output is in C format. And you may want to replace the payload in you code, before doing it you need to convert the C format payload to the Golang format then replace it. You can doing it using your text editor or I recommand noninteractive editor. BTW are you school student ?

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I see, I went to see how golang loads C programs.
I am a middle school student, this is my hobby.
And thanks
Excuse me, why do you provide contact information for live chat software? Telegram

The msfvemon output actually the shellcode a string of opcodes and usually it write in hexadecimal.

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Don’t know how to use,can you send me a tutorial?

use python replace()

QQ or WeChat :smiley:

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