What hasing/encryption it that?

Hello everyone,

I have two salted passwords that are hashed or encrypted. However, I have no clue how they were encrypted/hashed.

Maybe someone here knows better:



They are from a RHEL /etc/shadow (version from 2014 I think).

Both “hashes” are 22 characters, salt 8 characters.

Ideas or knowledge very much appreciated!

Sincerely yours…

man shadow explains how to read /etc/shadow
encrypted password points you to crypt(3) which explains how the encrypted part is created

The hashes in /etc/shadow can be idetified by the number between the $'s:

$1$ – MD5crypt
$5$– SHA-256crypt
$6$ – SHA-512crypt

Here’s an article explaning the md5crypt algorithm: https://pthree.org/2015/08/07/md5crypt-explained/

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Exactly. Thanks @Shellcromancer for adding the resource.

I missed to put in the $1$ at the beginning which confused me --> I opened this thread.

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