What projects have you done while learning InfoSec and programming?


As you all know, one of the most efficient ways of learning programming/InfoSec is by creating your own programs, hacking tools etc. But it can be frustrating at times to find a good project to work on. In order to solve this problem and give the members of this beautiful community the chance to demonstrate the cool things they made, I came up with with the following idea.

Why don’t you folks tell us about some cool projects you have worked on while learning InfoSec and programming? It doesn’t have to be complete projects. Projects/ideas of various skill levels/fields would be nice to be shared so that most of the members can get inspired by them despite their current knowledge.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Kage,
Nice idea! But somehow, I found the title a bit misleading(makes me think of a list of current 0x00sec gitpab collabs). Maybe “What projects have you done while learning cybersec?” or something like that would be more appropiate :smiley:



I changed it, thanks for the feedback

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Here’s my sup3r k00l h4x b4tch skr1pt t00l I made to D0S the comput3rs at my sch00l. USE WITH CAUTION!!! VERY DANGR0US!!!

goto loop


I make all sorts of improvised weapons to introduce “the militarized hacker”, which is basically a hacker that has a more aggressive & direct approach (like in Watch Dogs/Watch Dogs 2). This goes from long-lasting molotov cocktails, to plastic explosives to breach walls & smoke bombs for distraction, to hidden blades & electronic weapons like tasers and EMP’s.

The only ones that are successful are my molotov cocktail, smoke bombs, EMP, and the taser.

Yo what did you expect? They say hackers are the warriors of the future, it’s time to act like one too :wink:




Haha what? You can’t just tease us like that man! Uz got to show us da goods…

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Can’t do that because most of these are lethal and that is bad for 0x00sec’s PR (I can PM them though if I can confirm you’re not a nutjob) :confused:




Well shoot, that’s gonna be a tough one…

Just kidding, look man, I’m not gonna force you to do anything, like you said, some of those things are lethal so If you think it’s best not to share them, that’s totally fine. Otherwise, I’m game…



Nah I don’t have that much of a problem sharing it, but I gotta keep 0x00’s PR up :wink:


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Long-time members will know that I’m CS and not infosec…

  • heap memory management library (malloc) in C
  • (two) IRC bots
  • dynamic runtime code in C++
  • very basic crypto (caesar, vigenere, xor)
  • a few graph algorithms (djikstra, kruskal, bellman-ford)
  • sorting algorithms

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I’ve been working on a project called GitSlap, basically a recon tool for scanning github user commits for emails.

And, as I always bang on about, STELF. A really cool shell in Python.

I would be interested in starting a malware project for Linux. Something really quiet and stealthy that you could load into a server given that you have some sort of shell access. Especially something like the guys used in the Flexispy hack.

Malware for users and clients is quite common, but malware made for servers is pretty rare (in my experience).


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