Where do I start if I want to crack the database?

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You need Google Christ

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I have tried Is there any better way

Nope, the first step is ALWAYS yours. The internet is a wide and varied space. It holds a lot of information on a lot of things. It might not have the answer on what you are looking for but if you look and poke at your questions for long enough it will give you ideas on what to try next.

If you’re looking for advice on here on how to ‘crack a database’ that’s not likely to go far as the one thing that likely unites most people here is a attitude of curiosity into how things work. If you are instead looking for advice on how to ask the right questions (to the internet (google, stack overflow and other sources of information), to people on the internet (like here), real world information pools and most importantly asking yourself questions) that might get more results for you.

Explain what you already know, explain what you have already tried. With these two pieces of information potential helpers will be able to gauge how invested in doing all of the work you really are. If it sounds like you are not invested, no-one here (or anywhere else) will care either and just be annoyed that someone is trying to waste their time.

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