Which Linux Distribution for a Relative Beginner?

(The C# Dude) #1

Hey Mates,
as I said before, I want to install a new Linux distro. The only problem is that I don’t know which one I should chose :grin:. Maybe some of you can recommend me one.
I search one that is a demanding but not too hard for a Linux starter. Thanks in advance!



(oaktree) #2

For an absolute n00b? Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Linux Mint Cinnamon, or Linux Mint MATE.


(random-man) #3

I’d have to agree with @oaktree. Ubuntu is pretty good for someone new to Linux.


(pico) #4

Fully concur with @oaktree.


(Juan) #5

Yep. Looks like Ubuntu is gonna be your best choice, bud


(Mweya Ruider) #6

I disagree actually :smiley:

Although I believe that every Linux n00b should start with a Debian based OS, I don’t think that Ubuntu is the best one to start with, firstly because of those cringeworthy themes the stock one ships with and secondly because it’s too stable.

A Linux n00b should learn how to fix problems when they happen and how to install packages that are not in the repos, so I actually suggest starting with a minimal build of Debian and building the kind of OS you want out of it.

Just a thought.


(random-man) #7

True. It definitely speeds up the climatization to Linux.


(oaktree) #8

Okay, then start with Mint. It took me two weeks to break Mint by installing GNOME.


(Mweya Ruider) #9

Is it any good?

I thought of installing it around three years ago while I was getting started with Linux through puTTY, but I never got around to installing it.


(oaktree) #10

Meh. I’m using Ubuntu with KDE now.

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(pico) #11

Indeed you can follow a bottom-up or a top-down approach. That is up to you. My understanding is that @TheDoctor is looking into GNU/Linux to keep working on his crackmes as consequence of the outcome of the poll he posted some days ago.

In that context, my guess is that he wants something up and running to do his stuff… Getting to know how to fully configure a Linux box may not be an immediate objective. Some people don’t want to become sysadmins.

Maybe that was quite an assumption.

Said that, I have to admit that Debian is my preferred distro :wink:

Hope these different points of view may help @TheDoctor to make its own decision! :blush:

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(The C# Dude) #12

Thanks to all! I think I’ll start with MINT and when it’s not what I search for I’ll just use Ubuntu :slight_smile:. When I have more time I’ll take a look at Debian!

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