Wich vpn is the most secure, and how to pay it?

Hello, im a newbie in “the hacking world”, never got the time to get in, and as i go reading, more and more questions come to my mind, one of those are the one i have written in the title:
which vpn is the most secure and offers more anonymity?
i did a couple of searchs and i think nordvpn is one of the most secure, does anybody has an opinion?

and the other one: which payment method is the most anonymous?
can someone give me advice? thank you!

If you want anonymity, use Tor.

Well, anonymity on the Internet is a way more complex topic as you probably aware of. It’s not just buying a VPN with Bitcoin or something. If you want to learn more about it I would recommend you the Whonix docs (Whonix is a operation system designed for Tor):
[Non technical things] -->



[More technical stuff you could start with] -->



For me it seems like you don’t have so much knowledge about computer security. So make yourself a tea, lean back and prepare for a hell lot of reading :stuck_out_tongue:
Trust me its worth it.

Oh and don’t forget to take a look at all the other stuff in the Whonix docs. They are pretty well written!


Thanks for the info!
I dont have a lot of knowledge but i always had interest and wanted to learn and know about it, its a world i really wanted to get into.
Is there anything else that I could start with?

Mh, back then when I started to learn about this stuff I enjoyed this video here:

It explains VPNs for beginners (really basic) and teaches you some basics about the Internet. Although, it isn’t about anonymity.
Could be something you are looking for. But in the end, it all comes down to reading good written articles and Wikipedia for hours and look up unknown terms.

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