Win a Binary Ninja Licence worth $150; Say Hello World to 0x00ctf 2017!


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#0x00ctf 2017

Hello fellow nullers and lurkers alike, today we are very pleased to announce the biggest 0x00sec CTF of 2017! 0x00ctf will have challenges focussed mainly on Pwning and Reverse Engineering.


>> 12:30pm December 15th 2017 UTC-5

0x00ctf will begin at 12:30 pm US Eastern time December 15th and end exactly 24 hours later. Anybody can participate. The highest-scoring 0x00sec Regular* or TL2 or have the badge ‘Gold miner’ will win a Binary Ninja license worth $100!

UPDATE: People of Trust level 2/Members or those who have the ‘Gold Miner’ badge are eligible to win the licence too! - AKA TL2 || Gold

* Regular means Trust Level 3 on, you can see if you’re in this group by clicking here. Not a regular? You’ll have another chance next year when we do the summer CTF. This is how you get to TL3

man 0x00ctf

The CTF is a solo Capture the Flag (meaning, do it on your own!). While you can break the rules and work with somebody, we are only giving away one license.

You can create your accounts right now at!

To make awarding prizes easier, use your 0x00sec username when registering for the CTF. If you are unable to do that, put your 0x00sec profile link in the Website tab.

0x00ctf 2017 is going to be a super awesome CTF. We are super pleased that we can finally reward our members with something thanks to our friends over at Binary Ninja.

The more participants, the better; so be sure to hit that share button and tell everyone you know about this!

Stay tuned for updates!


Excited for the upcoming CTF? Make this page your landing page!

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If you make an account, and get a 403 or 500 error message, just click the profile tab, it throws up and error but works fine. Ignore it for now, we’ll fix it soon.


Pretty exited about the CTF since the first time I heard about it on irc! Can’t wait!


This is great, I love it! I still have hell of a lot to prepare in one month to make any chance of winning :sweat_smile:

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Well gl to all! Registered nevertheless, will be fun. :slight_smile:


Been a while since I landed on IRC or here. Well, that’s pleasant to hear! No more descriptions on what one might encounter ? Windowz binaries only ?
@pry0cc: Only TL3 members are in ? How about ahem miners ?


This is the same day the new Star Wars film comes out. D:

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The decision has been made to only allow TL3 to win the prize, in order to keep it close to the community and prevent random, insanely elite, strangers coming in off the internet and snatching up a licence; they probably already have IDA Pro :stuck_out_tongue: However you do indeed raise a very good point. It will be noted and discussed.


Can we non L3 users participate but not compete (ie. not win anything but experience?)

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Of course! Anybody including the public can play!


Glad to hear that. It will be a nice exercise either way, I’ll take it easy and try my hand at it out of curiosity. Best of luck to the regulars!

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@egy @REal0day @hraesvelgr We’ve spoken and have come to the decision to allow those who are Members / Trust level 2 and those who have the ‘Gold Miner’ badge (Achieved by Mining 10,000,000 hashes), are also eligable for winning the binary ninja licence! Good luck!


Ayyyeeeeeah! Bout to try SO hard at this. I’m sure my skills aren’t nearly as good as…everyone here, but I’m happy to play and learn!


Bay Area Meetup

If you will be around the Best Coast during the CTF, a few of us will be getting together to meetup and work on challenges. Will be a great way to meet other community members. If anyone wants to make stickers or something fun, that would be coooooooooooooooooooool.


Bonus Incentive, I have extra 0x00sec buttons to hand out.

(Still tryna find the sticker option though)

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Only 5 days guys! Get ready!

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Bump: We’re on CTF Time.