Wordpress SQL Injection


Hey, I found a SQL Injection Vulnerability in some of Wordpress websites, the problem is i have nothing to do next, I tried to crack the wordpress/mysql passwords but i could not, also I tried to upload a shell via SQL query (SELECT … INTO OUTFILE ‘…’), I could not even read files using LOAD_FILE(’/etc/passwd’), I checked the file privileges which says that I am allowed to do it, I think there is kind of system protection stopping me like AppArmor or something, do you have any other suggestion please?

You can report the vulnerability here: HackerOne
and next you receive the money of the bounty, usually the SQLi come paid $1500 or $2000 dollars and into the big website come paid more.
I recommend you of write good the report because the BB are based on it.

Thanks for the reply, I found the vulnerability in other website in the same server and using the same database with the Wordpress one.

Ok, try to view if the site is been make with WorPress on whatcms.org, also if the site is been make with WordPress, the vulnerabilty would caused by a modification on the site, did by developer of the site, and in this chance WordPress don’t will pay your bounty but if the site have a bug bounty service you can report the vulnerability at the admin’s site.

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This is not what i am looking for, I have a Vul in other website shares the same server with the WP website. My question is how to exploit this Vul to access to the server or something.